MOQ,What is it?

When looking through the product listing on Alibaba or Aliexpress, am sure you have come across the term MOQ.So what is MOQ?This is simply the short form of Minimum Order Quantity and depicts the least of a product that the supplier is willing to sell in a single order.MOQ can either be in monetary value e,g $100,or in units e.g 100 units.MOQ is not a universal figure and differs from supplier to supplier, some set it hundreds or thousands whereas others set in tens.

Suppliers come up with MOQ to ensure production costs and minimum profits are met and sometimes the items are too small or cheap to be sold as a single unit.However, MOQ is not cast in stone and you can negotiate with the supplier to give you a lower MOQ, some may be willing to negotiate while others may not.

You can get through the MOQ hurdle by ordering as a group.That way you get the best prices and meet the minimum requirements of the supplier.

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